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Transforming your career

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It isn't easy building your own business from fact it's a road full of doubt from yourself and even more so from people that you know.

They'll usually say "Why did you leave your full time job? Or "You should focus on starting a family as time is ticking on" etc. They don't understand your dreams. Furthermore, not all dreams can fit in with society's timeline. . Maybe the concern is genuine or maybe it's because it reminds them about themselves being stagnant. But you should not let that distract you...there's actually a lot of people that might be against you in life but you cannot afford to start being against yourself. So, in order to succeed you'll need to make your choice to follow your dreams no matter what and remain focused. . 1. Follow your vision 2. Find your passion that you're willing to go through pain to get where you want to be 3. Take action 4. Work on your resilience 5. Build strong relationships You're made for more.

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