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Transforming your confidence

Girl on the beach looking at the camera

What will it take for you to be confident? I spent a long time working on being confident and some days I'd say I'm still work in progress.

I realised that we spend a long time comparing ourselves to others and maybe even wishing to be something we're not. Truth bomb: Noone is perfect! We all have strengths and weaknesses and the moment we fully accept ourselves for who we are, that's the moment that success happens. Confidence comes from comes from knowing who you are and being happy with it.

Here's a few tips that I've personally used to help you get more connected to yourself so you can start to feel and show up as your best self: 1. Work everyday through your self limiting beliefs - by working through them on daily basis it's the best solid foundation for leading a life full of confidence. 2. Practice gratitude - focus your mind on positive feedback. 3. Smile - it sends positive vibration to your brain and reduces stress. 4. Visualization - how would the confident you behave, dress, hang out with and start step by step doing the same. 5. Talk kindly to yourself - be mindful of how you are talking to yourself and if you don't have anything kind don't say anything at all. 6. Work out and pay attention to making healthy choices - healthy body always will equate to a healthy mind. 7. Practice doing something you're good at - that's when you'll start to bank on evidence that you are confident. 8. Keep talking to everyone - You'll notice that people are actually nice and by putting yourself through the conversations of understanding people you'll jump through one of the biggest hoops relating to confidence. .

9. Be true to you - The advice that is sometimes given "fake it till you make it" it's indeed have to be honest to who you are at all times and be ok with it. 10. Never confuse memory with facts - our brain tends to hold biased memories that can easily be confused with facts. Be selective in your information. . Which one of the above tips would you put into practice today?

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