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Helping you on the path towards making your own little miracle happen.

Becoming a mother was my lifelong dream, but it did not come easily. After five years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally, I was starting to think that my dream might not come true. I felt a perpetual sense of disappointment in myself and my husband that made me almost as ashamed as the pangs of envy I experienced each time a friend or colleague announced that they were expecting.


“When will it be my turn?”


“What can I do differently?”


“Who can I talk to that will understand what I’m going through?”


"What is wrong with me?" 


These were just some of the questions that went through my mind. 


I began the process of IVF. I won’t lie, it was very hard. The initial tests were invasive and undignified, the medication seemed unending. The self-administered course of injections were painful, leaving me bruised and feeling desperately unattractive. The continual visits to the clinics for monitoring and waiting on the results of tests were draining. I was told that my very low ovarian reserves made my chances of success extremely slim. In all likelihood I would only have one shot at IVF.


It was the lowest point in my life. I felt resentful that I had to subject my body to a protracted medical procedure to have even a slim chance of achieving what should have come so naturally. 


Meanwhile, it’s not like my life was on hold. I still had to be there for my clients, my husband and my family. The outside world was most definitely still spinning, but my inner world felt like it had come to a standstill.


But, thanks to my training and experience in coaching, I was never powerless … I was proactive. 


I educated myself about the IVF process, I focused on making positive lifestyle changes, I worked on my mindset and my relationships.


I focused on making every preparation for motherhood that was within my power. 


3 months later in my IVF journey, I was pregnant and not long after I was holding my beautiful baby boy in my arms.


Coaching helped me navigate a rocky road to motherhood, but looking back I do wish that I’d reached out for additional professional support from someone who knew what I was going through.


If you are struggling to conceive, you don’t have to go though it alone. My fertility coaching service can help you make a little miracle of your own happen. 

Who is my fertility coaching for?

  • Couples who are intending to try for a baby and want to maximize their chances of success. 

  • Couples who have been trying to conceive for a period of time (usually a year or more) without success. 

  • Couples undergoing IVF, ICSI, IUI or other fertility treatments.

  • Women who suffer from conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometritis or other medical conditions that can reduce the prospects of becoming pregnant.






 Please enquire for payment plans too*

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How does my fertility coaching work?

My Fertility coaching works by addressing ‘the 3 pillars’ of your journey towards motherhood.​

  • Empowerment: Enhancing your knowledge of the factors that influence natural conception and facilitate the success of interventions such as IVF.

  • Mindset: To help you deal with the emotional implications of trying for a baby and dealing with any fertility issues and associated treatments along the way.  

  • Health and lifestyle: helping you implement changes that maximize your prospects of getting pregnant and carrying to full term either naturally or following an intervention such as IVF.

What does my fertility coaching entail?

My sessions are tailored to the needs of my clients and held with either individuals or couples. They are conducted online via a zoom or MS teams call. The specifics of my fertility coaching sessions are highly personalized, but will address such things as: 


  • Your history: I will obtain a comprehensive overview of your circumstances, and take account of things like your previous efforts to conceive, your lifestyle factors, any relevant medical conditions and prior/current engagement with any fertility treatments. 


  • Your fertility knowledge base: I will guide you towards the knowledge and resources you will need to take ownership of your conception journey and empower you to make the importance decisions/choices that will occur along the way.  


  • Your conception related resilience: I will help you develop methods of dealing with your response to doubts, anxiety and setbacks that are often present on the journey to conception and during pregnancy.


  • Your birth planning: I will ensure that you know about your options and rights when it comes to giving birth and equip you with meditation techniques you can use to make your birthing experience positive and stress free.


  • You as a new parent: I will help you plan for the challenging first few months as a new parent and work with you to develop robust coping strategies that will allow you to thrive as a new parent.

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