It's time to step up and create a life better than your dreams!

I am just an Albanian girl with a really big dream...

I used to have significant problems with my confidence to the extent that I wouldn't even pick up the phone for fear of having to speak to the person on the other end of the line. These days, I can give presentations to audiences without even thinking twice about it.
Stress used to really get on top of me; dealing with the stress of each day at work left me mentally and physically exhausted. I returned home just wanting to hide under the duvet for the remainder of the day. These days I finish work feeling energised and enthusiastic about filling my time off with hobbies and self-development. Now it's the gym that beckons, not the duvet!
A relationship used to be a distant ambition that I didn't have the time or confidence to achieve. Having invested in myself and my approach to dating I found the man of my dreams, bought a house with him in London and got married.  

Today, I coach professionals all over the world, helping them break free of all their limiting beliefs that hold their goals hostage and keep them from moving forward with their dreams.

My whole professional life has been spent 

empowering people to develop their mindset and skills base. I originally trained as a teacher having obtained bachelors and masters degrees in art and graphic design and film-making. After obtaining my post-graduate teaching qualification, I spent 10 years teaching all levels up to postgraduate. During this time, I also obtained a masters degree in education. I wanted to apply my skills as an educator to coaching so completed a personal performance diploma in coaching and became a certified coach. I have the qualifications and experience to help you get what you want out of life.




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My background and qualifications

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