My coaching, empowers you to 

live your life

by design, not by default.

What would your dream life look like?

Maybe you wish you could:

- Thrive in the face of life’s challenges

- Do more of the things you love

- Work to live, not live to work

- Get more out of your relationships

- Become the architect of each new day

- Wake up and go to sleep with a smile

I can help you get the life you want,

not settle for the one you’ve got.


Hey, I'm Eliana


I transformed my life...

I spent over a decade helping people transform their lives for the better as a teacher, but as fulfilling as that career was, I knew that it didn't allow me to live life on my own terms and truly achieve my life goals.

I refused to settle, take the easy route and compromise on my dreams.

I left behind the life I'd fallen into for one that I dreamed of  ...


I retrained as a life coach so I could help empower others to achieve this kind of life transformation in their own lives.

I work for myself, do something I'm passionate about, have a great work/life balance and am living my best life.

So can you!

With the help of my coaching you can get the life you want.

Let's talk about the kind of life you want.

What my clients say about me...


Getting coaching from Eliana helped me succeed in my masters degree and start to enjoy it again.  During the coaching period, Eliana taught me techniques to alter my mindset and give me a more positive outlook which has remained long after our coaching has finished. I felt that Eliana’s approach was tailored to me and I now have the tools to overcome obstacles that before would have become barriers to me achieving what I wanted. I’m so grateful for her hard work and guidance. I finished my masters with merit.

Jemima A.



 How to work with me?

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Intensive coaching helps you build momentum more quickly by condensing a series of sessions into a morning or afternoon. This is ideal for individuals who would find distributing their sessions over a longer timeframe inconvenient. 
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I offer a flexible package of one-to-one hourly sessions tailored to your individual needs arranged for times that fit in with your lifestyle. During these sessions, I will systematically guide you through the process of developing and executing your personal blueprint for success. 
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I also offer group coaching programmes consisting of self-study materials supplemented with weekly group calls with me during which time we can collaborate on ways to accelerate your progress towards specific life goals, such as confidence transformation. Join the waitlist for news of the next cohort.

  Let me help you achieve a future you want!

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Where to find me

Online through Skype (elianatpenn) or Zoom.


In person in 

Liverpool Street (Central London).


Longcroft House
2/8 Victoria Avenue
Liverpool Street

Appointments can also be arranged at my other comfortable office in North London (Stanmore).

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