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I help people transform and build a life they love. 


Hey, I'm Eliana

I am a transformation and success coach. 

When I talk about life transformation I speak from a position of personal experience as well as professional training. 


My previous career as a teacher was rewarding and stable, but it occupied too much of my life and meant that I could never be my own boss. I often left work feeling tired, stressed and demotivated. I wanted to change my situation, but felt disempowered to do so.

Coaching helped me become empowered to transform my life. I realised I could re-deploy my training as a teacher to becoming  a coach so I could help others achieve the kind of life transformation I'd enjoyed.

Now I work for myself and have the work/life balance I wanted. I went from feeling like my life wasn't living up to my expectations to realising my life goals and living some of my dreams. 

I can help you achieve the life you want. See what some of my clients have to say about my coaching by clicking here.

 Stop settling for what you have, start achieving what you want!  

I offer a supportive and holistic approach to coaching that is tailored to your individual needs. I will help you develop the blueprint to meet any of your life goals and hold you accountable to them. It won't be easy, but if you fully commit to your development then the rewards you reap from my coaching will far outweigh your investment of time, effort and money. 

This is my promise to all my clients.


Life is too short to be anything but happy.

Now imagine...

  • Waking up without the dreaded alarm and excited to start your day knowing you're doing something that really fulfils you. 

  • Not having any limiting beliefs or fears and achieving the success that you aspire to. 

  • Using your skills and talents to affect positive change in your life and others. 

  • Being in a happy relationship where you can be yourself at all times.

  • Knowing that your business is growing and you are financially secure.

  • Living your best life.

There are a few ways to work with me

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What my clients say about me...

Kendra Wergin

I have now quit my job and made plans for the future that I feel truly excited about, and despite there still being a lot of uncertainty about how things will unfold for me in the coming months, I don't feel anxious at all, and I owe a big part of that calm and confidence to Eliana. 

Michael Freeman

One of Eliana’s gifts is that you can ‘bombard’ her with lots and lots of ideas and she is able to process them very quickly and come back to you with a pertinent question which either makes you examine your ideas more thoroughly or really makes you examine your commitment to those ideas.

Carol Harrison

As a result of coaching I have discovered my motivation levels have risen and I've managed to go strength to strength achieving my goals. I feel my life is moving forward in the direction I want to go rather than just drifting along.

Sophia Samuel

From the onset, Eliana was able to distill my ideas and and guide them into actionable goals. Following my sessions, I feel more uplifted and clear about my mission and purpose, helping me to see bigger possibilities than I ever saw for myself. 

Eliana’s support in setting up my business has been invaluable. She has been equal parts coach and cheerleader. 

A Woman Wearing a Sun Hat

David Daws

I consider myself very fortunate to have met Eliana and to have been able to have spent a number of sessions being coached by her. I have always felt that she listened to me very attentively. The coaching support I have received has made a very positive difference to my personal & business life. I will be extremely happy to recommend Eliana to my friends & business associates.

Bianka Brinkley

My coaching sessions with Eliana were around starting up a small business but in addition included working on my confidence and self belief. I found Eliana to be very inspirational, she truly listened to what I had to say and expanded on my answers to really get me thinking about my situation and the person I wanted to be. I felt challenged by Eliana at just the right level that kept me motivated to achieving my goal. 

Andreaa Green

Working with Eliana has made me realise on what I needed to do to put myself out there in the dating world and be myself. We worked on my low self-esteem and how to get more confident when talking to men and the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back. 

Deborah Tarsh

Eliana has a very energetic, enthusiastic and caring, collaborative and non-judgemental yet professional approach to her coaching with an appropriate mix of humour, intuition, and challenge. Throughout our time together my confidence and determination to move myself out of my comfort zone increased and I have been able to keep that motivation going, even after our sessions stopped.


  Let me help you achieve a future you want!

Where to find me

Online through Skype (elianatpenn).


In person in Liverpool Street (Central London).


Longcroft House
2/8 Victoria Avenue
Liverpool Street

Appointments can also be arranged at my other comfortable office in North London (Stanmore).

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