Transforming your CAREER


Do you want to get more satisfaction from your job?

Do you want a promotion/career progression?

Do you want to be your own boss?

"Happiness is when you... love your job "!  

1. Identifying your core skills. We'll identify what you perceive to be your core competencies and key strengths.

2. Identifying what you want. We'll discuss your current career trajectory, your future aspirations and the relationship between these two things. 

3. Goal setting. We'll consider how you can go about setting realistic and attainable goals that will move you closer to your career aspirations.

4. Marketing yourself. We'll evaluate your needs with respect to self-promotion, presentation and discuss how you can effectively market your skills and experience. 

5. Recruitment processes/securing business. We'll identify and examine how you might best meet the requirements of recruitment processes, or optimise your exposure to your prospective clients.

6. Creating a healthy work life balance. We'll examine what would constitute the right ratio of work vs rest and recreation for your desired lifestyle and consider how this balance can be achieved, monitored and maintained.


  Let's have a virtual coffee chat

I don't know about you, but I love coffee. So why don't you grab a coffee or tea in the comfort of your own home/office and let's have a free, no-obligation 20 mins chat on Skype or Zoom. During this call we can chat about your goals and begin planning how we might best work together in achieving them.


The start of your journey to a better future is only a phone call away. 

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