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Transforming your mindset!

Mindset is everything...

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You are a failure. You are not good enough. You suck. You will never make it. You're not smart enough. You don't have the drive needed. You are ugly. You don't have CEO in your blood. Just quit. You're too fat. Who do you think you are? You only put half an effort. You better not talk or they'll laugh. You should accept you'll never make it. You're too skinny. You're a joke. You would never speak like this to your friends, your daughter or your niece. So, what makes you think this is acceptable to speak to yourself and put yourself down on daily basis? . The way you speak to yourself matters. It affects you deep down and guess what... telling yourself something long enough and you'll start to believe it and act like it. This is the thing that upsets me the most when working with clients that talk to themselves in this way. When working together, we focus not only on the mindset but also on the skillset so this never happens again. Here's 3 tips to get you started today:

1. Learn to notice the negative thoughts and stop them in their tracks. . 2. Find a mantra that works for you. Examples: You will get there. Everything will be ok. I know that you're trying. Etc... . 3. Ideally, you'd start saying kind things to yourself in the mirror but if you're not ready to do that, start by writing it down. This can be powerful too. . A strong mindset will always lead to a healthier, happier and more successful life. . And a little note from me: YOU ARE PERFECT! .

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