"Never stop learning.

For when we stop learning, we stop growing"!

As a coach who also has 10 years experience being a teacher in a leadership team I am able to deliver bespoke workshops that facilitate the development of a high performing and sustainable coaching culture.

Coaching workshops  (In person only).

I offer a wealth of pragmatic programmes available from half days to 12 months for individuals responsible for the management of others within their company/organisation. 

All my workshops are custom designed to meet your needs, which we can discuss in a free 20 minute consultation. I start by introducing participants to several high-yield leadership strategies including:

clearly seeing reality; identifying purpose; managing time; managing change; combining ambition with humility. I believe that having an open dialogue in a group setting enhances relationships and positively impacts on a company or organisation's culture. I help to steer the conversation for optimal learning, stimulating a growth mindset and productive risk-taking.

Workshops can be conducted on a one-to-one basis or in groups in which participants benefit from peer learning and the collective wisdom of those present. This establishes the foundations of  highly effective collaborations between staff from the outset. 

My coaching offers psychology based frameworks for digging deeper where there appears to be psychological blocks to performance.

I partner with your company/organisation to customise workshops to meet your needs.

Below is a sample of workshops I can offer:

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Managing Conflict

  • Enhancing Executive Presence

  • Relationship Building

  • Making Successful Transitions

  Meet  the  team 

Dr. Rozina Sheridan

Rozina is an experienced chartered psychologist, supervisor, lecturer, consultant and academic. 

Dr. Paul Penn

Paul is a chartered psychologist, fellow of the Higher Education Academy and senior lecturer in psychology at a London University.

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