Transforming your RELATIONSHIP


Do you want to develop a better attitude towards dating?

Do you want to improve your odds of finding the right partner in the dating game?

Do you want to cultivate a meaningful and lasting relationship?

Be with someone who helps you become the best version of you!  

1. Starting from a solid foundation. We'll start by exploring your attitude towards dating and relationships as a way of framing your expectations and needs.

2. Understanding your needs. We'll explore what you are looking for from a partner and its relationship to your values and beliefs.

3. How to market yourself. We'll examine the different approaches to dating and how you can generate an effective and authentic profile.

4. Self-presentation. We'll examine your perception of the way you present yourself in person and consider how to do yourself justice when on dates, whilst remaining genuine. 

5. Developing good dating habits. We'll examine your approach to dating etiquette and consider the kind of practices that form the basis of a solid and authentic start to a relationship.

6. Monitoring success. We'll focus on how you can more honestly keep track of the development of your relationship and be proactive and positive in problem resolution. 


  Let's have a virtual coffee chat

I don't know about you, but I love coffee. So why don't you grab a coffee or tea in the comfort of your own home/office and let's have a free, no-obligation 20 mins chat on Skype or Zoom. During this call we can chat about your goals and begin planning how we might best work together in achieving them.


The start of your journey to a better future is only a phone call away. 

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