Transforming your MINDSET


Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety? 

Do you want to be happier and more content?

Do you want to increase your overall mental well-being? 

"Master your mind, and you will master your life"!  

1. Overview of stress. We'll discuss symptoms, triggers and the maintenance of stress. 

2. Increasing your control. We'll explore some helpful techniques to empower you to deal with stressful situations.

3. Attention training. We'll focus on strengthening your attention so that your mind is not so easily distracted by stressors and you can more easily disengage from anxiety provoking thoughts.

4. Helpful thinking. We'll explore more helpful ways of appraising stressful events, which will reduce their impact on your thinking.

5. Accepting Uncertainty. We'll aim to examine and challenging the need for certainty and discuss how to accept uncertainty and embrace change in your life.

6. Self - Management Plan. We'll consolidate the strategies introduced over the previous sessions and help you manage any setbacks that may occur in their implementation.


  Let's have a virtual coffee chat

I don't know about you, but I love coffee. So why don't you grab a coffee or tea in the comfort of your own home/office and let's have a free, no-obligation 20 mins chat on Skype or Zoom. During this call we can chat about your goals and begin planning how we might best work together in achieving them.


The start of your journey to a better future is only a phone call away. 

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