Transforming your CONFIDENCE


Do you want to improve your self esteem?

Do you want to feel empowered to take on life's challenges?

Do you want to command respect from others?

Transforming your Relationship 

 "Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it" 

1.    Understanding confidence: myths and facts. We'll explore the subjects of confidence and self-esteem and examine the impact they can have on your life.

2.    Conquering fear.  We'll discuss how fear can cloud your vision of what you want from life, how you want to feel everyday and who the best version of yourself is.

3.    Dealing with negative self-talk and low self-esteem. We'll audit and challenge your pesky self-limiting beliefs, self-recrimination and rumination.

4.    Becoming the master of your thinking. We'll explore how to identify and acknowledge your positive qualities. We'll discuss the Law of Attraction and how to use it to your advantage.  

5.    Using evidence-based confidence building. We'll discuss how to use journaling to increase your confidence, how to visualise what you want and the power of affirmations.

6.    Implementation and moving forward. We'll look at ways you can start to become your best self by consolidating the contents of the previous sessions and addressing barriers to their implementation. 


Transforming your MINDSET


Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety? 

Do you want to be happier and more content?

Do you want to increase your overall mental well-being? 

"Master your mind, and you will master your life"!  

1. Overview of stress. We'll discuss symptoms, triggers and the maintenance of stress. 

2. Increasing your control. We'll explore some helpful techniques to empower you to deal with stressful situations.

3. Attention training. We'll focus on strengthening your attention so that your mind is not so easily distracted by stressors and you can more easily disengage from anxiety provoking thoughts.

4. Helpful thinking. We'll explore more helpful ways of appraising stressful events, which will reduce their impact on your thinking.

5. Accepting Uncertainty. We'll aim to examine and challenging the need for certainty and discuss how to accept uncertainty and embrace change in your life.

6. Self - Management Plan. We'll consolidate the strategies introduced over the previous sessions and help you manage any setbacks that may occur in their implementation.


Transforming your RELATIONSHIP


Do you want to develop a better attitude towards dating?

Do you want to improve your odds of finding the right partner in the dating game?

Do you want to cultivate a meaningful and lasting relationship?

1. Starting from a solid foundation. We'll start by exploring your attitude towards dating and relationships as a way of framing your expectations and needs.

2. Understanding your needs. We'll explore what you are looking for from a partner and its relationship to your values and beliefs.

3. How to market yourself. We'll examine the different approaches to dating and how you can generate an effective and authentic profile.

4. Self-presentation. We'll examine your perception of the way you present yourself in person and consider how to do yourself justice when on dates, whilst remaining genuine. 

5. Developing good dating habits. We'll examine your approach to dating etiquette and consider the kind of practices that form the basis of a solid and authentic start to a relationship.

6. Monitoring success. We'll focus on how you can more honestly keep track of the development of your relationship and be proactive and positive in problem resolution. 

Be with someone who helps you become the best version of you!  


Transforming your HEALTH


Do you want to get into better shape?

Do you want to abandon unhealthy habits?

Do you want a more sustainable healthy lifestyle?

"Nothing looks as good as healthy feels"!  

1. Finding your best fit. We'll examine your attitude towards health and consider how good health practices interface with your existing lifestyle.

2. Managing expectations. We'll consider your previous efforts to improve your fitness and work on establishing realistic and sustainable goals.

3. Nutrition. We'll discuss your relationship with food and how you can best go about taking control of your nutrition.

4. Exercise. We'll explore your attitude towards exercise, how to develop realistic expectations and develop an exercise regime that you can stick to and will find rewarding.

5. Sleep. We'll examine your sleeping habits and reflect on what you might do to optimise your lifestyle in order to improve the quality of your sleep. 

6. Managing external pressures. We'll consider the barriers to maintaining good health practices and reflect on how these might be overcome.


Transforming your CAREER


Do you want to get more satisfaction from your job?

Do you want a promotion/career progression?

Do you want to be your own boss?

"Happiness is when you... love your job "!  

1. Identifying your core skills. We'll identify what you perceive to be your core competencies and key strengths.

2. Identifying what you want. We'll discuss your current career trajectory, your future aspirations and the relationship between these two things. 

3. Goal setting. We'll consider how you can go about setting realistic and attainable goals that will move you closer to your career aspirations.

4. Marketing yourself. We'll evaluate your needs with respect to self-promotion, presentation and discuss how you can effectively market your skills and experience. 

5. Recruitment processes/securing business. We'll identify and examine how you might best meet the requirements of recruitment processes, or optimise your exposure to your prospective clients.

6. Creating a healthy work life balance. We'll examine what would constitute the right ratio of work vs rest and recreation for your desired lifestyle and consider how this balance can be achieved, monitored and maintained.


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The start of your journey to a better future is only a phone call away. 

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